Exhibition chaos!
October, 2018

Ahhh theres an emoticon that I feel best translates my state of mind leading up to an exhibition. You know that one with the brains coming out of the head.

It’s tough, finishing paintings. Starting paintings even. But suddenly painting becomes only one part of the job, an essential part but a part that will achieve nothing if the rest isn’t tackled too.

This would be my exhibition ‘to do’ list- I hope maybe it can be of use:

Finding a space that meets various criteria of location, cost and availability
Compiling guest lists
Updating email addresses
Creating newsletters – numerous newsletters to REMIND people!
Taking photographs
Editing and formatting photographs for various uses – website, brochures, newsletters, cards, prints
Updating website
Collecting postal addresses
Designing an invitation
Organising a printer
Deciding on a framer and choosing frames
Haul the paintings to the framers somehow
Publicising the exhibition – write a lot of emails to people who won’t reply
Organising private views – booze, staff, a talk etc
Creating an online catalog
Decide whether to do cards- which paintings to go into cards?!

Did I mention, do the paintings, finish the paintings, varnish the paintings, panic that they’re not good enough, have a meltdown if they are good enough because you haven’t advertised your exhibition adaquetly and now no-one will see the paintings.

Last of all, panic no one will buy anything even if they do turn up!

Ultimately console yourself with the fact that life will continue, your ego will be temporarily battered and bruised and all your savings will be in the form of frames and left over booze if you’re lucky.

Welcome to the exhibiting world!!