About Daisy Perkins

Daisy is a traditionally trained representational artist, specialising in oil painting and charcoal.  She began her training at Lavender Hill studios in 2011 and continued to study and teach at London Fine Art Studios until 2016.  Now she follows her passion for travel, working with charities in order to connect and share her experience of other cultures and landscapes through painting.  She hopes her paintings express a common humanity and appreciation of people, culture and landscape.  Travel has been an incredible opportunity to meet and learn about other cultures, a privilege she to recreate for the viewers of her exhibitions. From her studio in London she enjoys exploring the urban landscape of London, allowing her time to experiment with technique, style and light, while also connecting with other painters. Here she is also able to develop her skills and love for figure painting.


2013 Palestine painting and drawing expedition and continues to do work in support of The Al-Quds Foundation for Medical Schools in Palestine.

2016 Artist in residence in Shergarh village, Pakistan.  Her current exhibition will be in support of The Daud Bandagi Developement Trust.

Future Projects

A collaboration with SCAD, working for social change and development in Southern India.  Working with the charity she will be teaching and painting the local communities and landscape with the aim of exhibiting and fundraising back in the UK.

In May, she will be spending a months residency with The Turquoise Mountain in Afghanistan working on an exciting project with them.

Commission Work

She works on a range of private commissions. If you are interested in commissioning Daisy, please get in touch.