Early outings in India
January, 2018

So, a few days louging on Varkala beach (highly recommended), a spot of seafood (the butter, chilli, garlic option is delish) and a gallows-esque run in with a traditional Indian massage.  All par for the course.  Next stop is Cherimadhevi where we’ll be staying as guests os SCAD charity for the next month.

Brief run down: SCAD is for Social Change and Development.  I would say that is does exactly what it says on the tin, but that would give the game away that I was writing this a month late.  Anyway its a social development charity working in 650 villages in Tamil Nadu.  Buzz words – bottoms development.  It does a whole lot of that, and a whole lot more.  Working with women, children, schools, doctors, other NGOs, big business and other governmental organisations, it is ambitious in its approach.

Anyway, we are staying on campus and will be heading out everyday to visit different villages,meeting the people, learning about the work being done and PAINTING!

First night, first painting.

Indian dusk 12″x8″ (available)