From Camberwell to Cairo
February, 2019

So what I neglected to include in my nicely polished newsletter is that I arrived in Cairo with a well incubated flu, so I have spent the last few days in bed while the barrage of this city’s activity penetrates my room. Horns and shouting, calls to prayer, more horns, the falafel queue below.. Just from my room it feels like a city that’s bursting at the seams pulsating with ceaseless activity and commerce.

I’ve made attempts at researching the area and people that I hope to paint but wrangling with the navigation and logistics of  such a big city is exhausting! And I haven’t quite kicked the flu bug soo progress is slow. My grip on the Arabic language is even slower, and more embarrassing. Nb.Must get some kind of phrase book to learn from.

However, what I can report on – apart from the excellent quality of Cairo’s falafel sandwiches – is the kindness and hospitality of its people, the richness of its culture, the bustling busyness of its markets and the quality of some of its craft. Obviously it’s a city with a hugely rich history, and I really hope that during my time here I begin to understand something of what has shaped this place and it’s people.