A Brush With India
December, 2018

As the sun sets on this exhibition, it’s time for a bit of reflection; of things learnt, mistakes made, progress had…possibilities created.

The life of an artist is often seen as a lonely and solitary one, which I imagine can be true but my life as an artist is certainly not that.  It is very richly coloured by a myriad of differently skilled artists and creatives who feed into my art and life with their own work and experience, their thoughts, opinions and company.  Because for all artists it seems to come down to the same essentials; the arrangement of colour, shapes and light.. and in every medium those elements are played along and against each other.  Anyway, I feel immensely lucky to have so many other people feeding into my life with varying amounts of encouragement, honest critique, company and quirkiness.

This particularly week’s exhibition has been made by the generosity, company and collaboration with Georgie Vestey with whom I travelled to India, and Paul Brown who I’ve been lucky enough to paint alongside, and who has been generous enough to lend us our lovely exhibition space at The Royal Arcade Gallery.  We owe a huuuuge thanks to him for his generosity in supporting what we hope are ‘upcoming artists’!  But during a week of private views, coffee runs, tiredness, ginger shots, izettle battles, and evening wines we’ve had a truly great time.  In a capital city driven by competition, I feel immensely lucky to have always found people ready to share their knowledge and time..  And I hope that when I’ve made the big time I’ll be generous enough to go on sharing..!

Mistakes made.. well, maybe a better way to phrase it is ‘lessons learnt’.  More press!  People just have to know about you, and you have to get onto peoples radar.  The thing is that once all your friends and family have one or two pieces on their wall you have to look elsewhere, and I think that takes nouse.  Nouse – that is my 2019.

And ultimately, this exhibition has felt like a big push to keep up the momentum, to carry on plugging away, to set another exhibition goal in 2019..although I’ve got to work on what and how exactly!  So collaboration, hard work, nouse, goals – thats what Im hoping to carry through.  But of course all this is pointless and will dry up without a nourished and fulfilled artistic spirit…  So time to tap in too.


And here’s a big clap and thank you to Georgie Vestey and Paul Brown!  (Go check out their work!)