A Year in Paint Exhibition
November, 2019

One year on and we’re back to the Royal Opera Arcade Gallery with our latest work.  As you might gather from the title of the exhibition, our subject matter is fairly broad.  Having had such a focussed year last year with out trip to India, this exhibition is far more a reflection of how two artists spend their year, searching for inspiration ad beauty in different places.

I am constantly and always torn by the love of travel and the thrill of painting en plain air and the satisfaction and joy of painting nudes. Both strands are incorporated into this exhibition, with a series of nudes as well as landscapes from trips to Venice, Cornwall, Aldeburgh, Scotland and Kent.

Looking at the paintings together, I realise how broad my style is.  This is dependent upon the length of time I think I have.  For example sun rises have a very short window of time and necessitates fast a furious painting. It also depends upon my state of mind or mood – sometimes I begin a painting with easy confidence and find a flow which produces a broad and lively painting. Other times I begin with a measured patience and conscious desire to ‘paint a beautiful painting’ which tends to result in a more carefully rendered subtle painting.  Both have their upsides and both can have their down! interesting some of my best paintings I seem to create when I’m angry, which sadly isn’t often enough!

On bringing this show together I’ve become particularly interested in the paint.  Often I finish the painting and realise I love the palette even more than the painting, and have become particularly interested in making the painting more like the palette.  The series of teapots may seem a little mad but this is probably where I’ve found the most inspiration to move forward, exploring colour, texture and framing.  2020 is going to build on some of this work, rendering the same subjects in different way…

Teapaint – daisy perkins